IMPORTANTE: La Certificación PAA te habilita para la interpretación y compra del OPQ32 PROFILE.

Si vas a utilizar los reportes OPQ, MQ, Verify y/o CCSQ, este programa te dará amplia información y conocimiento técnico para poder aprovechar estas herramientas a su máximo potencial.

Identify the best candidate for your organization!

The OPQ course is particularly suitable for people working within HR. The program is delivered in Spanish but materials and presentation are in English, so the participants must have a reading English comprehension.


The need to understand and to be able to measure the personality profile suitable for specific job requirement is essential for most organizations. In this course we cover the use of personality questionnaires, with particular attention given to our world renowned Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ).

The course also enables delegates to select and use our online Ability tests to meet the need of their organizations. In this program we highlight the use of the tool Verify (available in Spanish).

The delegates join a two day face-to-face course, where they work closely with our consultants in interactive sessions aimed to augment the newly acquired knowledge.

Ability Assessment:

  • Introduction to Occupational Testing
  • Test administration and scoring
  • Test interpretation - Case Study
  • Validity and Reliability of aptitude tests
  • The utility of tests in Personnel Work, and Installing test procedures

Personality Assessment:

  • What is personality?
  • An introduction to CEB's SHL Talent Measurement Training Behavioral Questionnaires
  • Administration and scoring
  • OPQ interpretation - understanding and meaning of the scales and links to more in-depth analysis
  • Principles of feedback - how to structure and communicate OPQ results
  • Feedback Demonstration (video)
  • Feedback Practical (group exercises - providing feedback and individual coaching)
  • Distortion in Personality Questionnaire responses - understanding social desirability and other types of response distortion
  • Practical Workshops

Next open date available:

• Coming soon (At HDS Training facilities)

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You can only participate by invitation. If you are interested in being considered, please contact us.

PAA Certification is available upon request

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